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How To Become IPTV Reseller?

What is an IPTV Reseller?

IPTV Reseller is simply known as someone who buys IPTV Panel and credits from an IPTV Providers and markets it so that it can be resellable to customers. Currently reseller programs is offered by many different IPTV providers. Moreover the programs provide a variety of IPTV subscriptions at pretty low prices

When the resellers buy any plans from IPTV provider, they are given credits for extending the IPTV subscription of their customers. So the reseller can decide the price by themselves. It means they can get as much profit as they want

become iptv reseller

To get the profit from IPTV business, you do not need a lot of manpower or high initial investment. Even the IPTV business can also start with 2 people fully committing with each other and then earning money. Another advantage of the business is the ability to scale up without any additional infrastructure costs

How Much Money Can IPTV Resellers Make Monthly?

Making business successfully also depends on the effort you give and the ability to sell the product. If you do it well, your IPTV reselling does not have many problems. With real numbers, your profit may vary. However looking at trends in the market, we have seen serious IPTV making $1000 monthly with low pure profit and up to 10000$ on higher level. You can get as much profit as you want because IPTV reselling is very scalable business without additional infrastructure costs.

All you need is buy more credits However the two most important things deciding the success of your business is how well you market your business and whether the product you are selling is actually good enough to keep customers coming back for more. If you meets the two demands, you will get a huge consistent revenue Another benefit of becoming an IPTV reseller is that once your business is stable enough, you can make it run automatically by using some virtual assistants who are going to work for a monthly salary. They can handle all customer care and the marketing aspect of your business while you can spending the time doing something different.

Can You Become an IPTV Reseller?

One of the favorite things about this business is that anyone can become iptv reseller All you need to become a reseller is the initial capital and the ability to sell. However, the most key factor to succeed in the business is choosing the best IPTV service and keeping respectable margins To choose the best service, you need to do research, check free trials, look and study the reseller panel. Especially, you should study about device compatibility. When you are done with that, you can start your business.

One thing you should remember is you ought not to go all-in on the first company. You can divide your investment into small fractions for buying credits If you see that the credits you bought were sold and that you received minimal complaints about the service, then you can invest another fraction of your total investment. You can scale up accordingly once the number of customers increases so that you can be able to keep up with the demand.

How to Become a Successful IPTV Reseller?

There are some steps you can follow if you want to become an IPTV reseller:

Getting a Brand/Domain Name

The first thing you need to think about is the name of your service. You can choose a great name for your business and secure domain for it. The domain will be your marketplace where you will sell your IPTV subscriptions. Besides domain, the website is also important because it is going to be your one-stop-shop for the customers who want to make a payment and send any complaints. You should built a website which looks professional and attractive.

If you do not know how to do that, you can contact the website-made service. I recommend using the service from IPTV Website Template WordPress – Xtream UI. It offers a lot of iptv website templates. Your task is choosing the one you like the most. Then they will instruct you to set it up.

Finding a Reliable Reseller Panel Provider

If you are done with the first step, you will start the hardest step which is finding the reliable provider offering reseller panel. There are thousands of IPTV reseller providers, but not all of them is suitable for you. You need to consider carefully before investing to any IPTV provider. It is important to check that how well they work, and which content they offer. And if you have a problem, how long they will respond. Then you can find device compatibility with the service. Once you feel satisfied with their service and how they care customers, you can negotiate the price

Payment Gateway

One of the most important things about business is making sure that you get paid quickly. Setting up a reliable payment gateway plays a vital role in the IPTV business. At the beginning of your business, you can use the payment gateway like PayPal however once your business scales up you are going to need a high-risk payment gateway. Getting a high-risk gateway is important because if a low-risk gateway allows users to get the refund at any time, then there is a very high probability of the account getting fully banned.

Setup Your Packages Plan

There are a lot of IPTV businesses which are failed because of the unreasonable price. That is why when you start a business, you should keep your margins low attract potential customers to buy their IPTV subscriptions from you. To get your first customers, you should offer a variety of subscription plan and extremely competitive prices to the competition. When you get more customers who is extremely pleasant with the service quality, you can periodically increase the price to make your profit margins better. However, do not focus on pushing the price higher than what your customers can afford. If you do that, you will lose your customers. Instead, you spend time improve the service to keep and get more customers.

Providing The Customer Support

One of the important thing making the IPTV business successful is customer service. Whenever your customers have a problem, you should be there to address it as soon as possible. Give your customers a lot of options and avenues to contact you. Once your customer gets served well, they stay with the service.

How to register for a reseller account with Yeah IPTV?

It is easy to sign up a reseller account. You just go to the main website: Then you can enter your email and register. After you are done with that, you will receive an email informing that you have registered successfully. It means that you can start your own business.

Outstanding advantages of becoming Yeah IPTV’s Reselller

There are some huge benefits you can get when you become our reseller:

– Resellers can make their own DNS and sell under their brand. This means your clients will receive lines based on your dedicated address

– You will own the Reseller Panel. On this panel, you are in total control and manage with your customer. It means you can create the free trial account for your customer, disable/ enable user, kick the user, and edit the customer details. Especially, you can have your sub-reseller

– The investment you need to start your business is low. You basically buy as you sell. Pay 200USD for being a reseller, this is the cheapest option for IPTV reseller account.

price for reseller

Is Selling IPTV Illegal?

IPTV reseller business is legal as long as that IPTV provider have the required licenses for providing the content to their customers.

Honestly most IPTV providers offering the service which is not really legal. However, they still has thousands of resellers and hundreds of thousands of subscribers because their customers can use VPN with the IPTV service to hide the IP from the internet provider or government.


To sum up, there are a lot of things you need to do if you want to be a reseller. You can get more income from IPTV business if you do everything right. Becoming an IPTV reseller is extremely easy once you find the reliable IPTV reseller panel provider.

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